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Key Considerations for Developing an International Licensing Strategy - SPLiCE Conference

Earlier this month, LMCA’s President and CEO, Ciarán Coyle and VP, Strategy & Business Development, Colleen Baird presented as part of SPLiCE’s International Conference in New York. SPLiCE is a trade organization founded as a best practice think-tank for trademark brand Licensors, who share best practices to protect, promote and enhance brand integrity. As a SPLiCE sponsor, LMCA’s Ciarán and Colleen spoke about the key considerations for developing an international brand licensing strategy.

From the preliminary preparation needed to understand your brand’s readiness to extend internationally with licensing, all the way through to regional program execution and management, Ciarán and Colleen discussed the need to create a comprehensive strategy to develop a successful foundation for an international program. 

Whether you have a global brand or are looking to extend your licensing program into one focus growth region, it is vital to have a licensing strategy and regional plan in place. What your brand’s awareness and positioning is in the region, market conditions, and consumer trends, to trademark registrations and planning.

Some key regional considerations include:

· What your brand presence and positioning is

· Your brand’s awareness and consumer perception in that country

· Your team or external partner’s regional understanding and market conditions

· The competitive landscape

· Market, consumer, and category trends

Also a sponsor of SPLiCE and a presenter at the conference, was Stobbs IP’s Founder Julius Stobbs. Stobbs IP, LMCA’s partner in Europe, is a leading Intellectual Property firm with 170 staff across offices in Cambridge, London, Dublin and Munich, acting for some of the world’s leading brands, with the aim to be the world’s leading brand advisory company. At the conference, Julius discussed the importance of connecting trademark and brand protection strategy to your international licensing strategy and how you can plan and prepare for the trademark registration process nuances per market.

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