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Determining Your Brand’s Readiness for Licensing - Webinar Hosted by Stobbs

Ciarán Coyle joined an international panel of experts, including Dan Croft from LMCA client HP, to discuss the essential steps necessary to prepare your brand for licensing and manage the ongoing program.

These steps covered the full range of activities essential to building a successful regional or global brand licensing program. Founder of UK IP Law firm Stobbs, Julius Stobbs, outlined the need for comprehensive trademark registrations and the best way to protect and enforce those trademarks through brand licensing.

Jennifer Campbell from Electrolux shared her expertise in selecting licensing partners around the world and the tools necessary for the ongoing management of the brand licensing program. Dan Croft from HP discussed not only brand licensing but also covered other forms of intellectual property such as patents. He also talked about the role of the brand team at HP and how it works alongside LMCA to uncover relevant and consumer-engaging opportunities to extend the HP and Compaq brands globally.

And, finally, Ciarán from LMCA gave a detailed overview of the role of the licensing agency – and other strategic & operational considerations - in working with both brand owners and licensing partners to maximize the impact of the brand licensing program.


The webinar may be viewed through this link: 

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