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Compaq® Expands Offering in Central & South America with New Range of Smart TVs and Soundbars

New York—January 9th, 2023— Compaq is launching its new range of smart televisions and sound bars in Mexico, Central America, and Colombia beginning early 2023. The new Smart TVs will include an array of features and functionalities, including sleek designs, immersive sound, and superior performance all aimed at providing the optimal user experience.

For over 30 years, Compaq has been known for its innovative and uniquely designed consumer electronic products. During its storied history, Compaq has been the #1 brand globally in PC sales and one of the world’s most valuable brands. Compaq’s expansion into Mexico and Central and South America with this new line of smart TVs and soundbars signals the strong demand and growth of the Compaq brand in the region.

“We are thrilled about the licensing partnership with Compaq and are looking forward to extending the Compaq legacy in innovation,” said Luis Fernando Morales, CEO of Conexión Vertical, the licensing partner for Compaq. “The brand represents excellence through innovation and a quality that it has delivered upon for decades. We will have a clear strategy in which product and customer service are paramount, to ensure that quality and dependability are delivered to each consumer.”

“We are hugely impressed with this fantastic line of high quality, feature rich products and the strong team that Conexión Vertical has assembled to offer Compaq TVs to consumers in Mexico, Central and South America”, said Ximena Duque, Managing Director, Brand Development, at LMCA, Compaq’s global brand licensing agency. “We look forward to the great success of these products in the region.”

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