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CES 2023 Recap - Innovations, Gadgets, & the Future of Tech

LMCA recently attended the biggest consumer tech show in the US. CES 2023, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, was much larger than the previous year. With about 3,200 exhibitors and over 110,000 tech enthusiasts in attendance, it was the place to showcase all the latest innovations, achievements, gadgets, and things out of science fiction novels.

Laser TVs (a.k.a. Ultra-Short-Throw Projectors) took center stage at CES. From top CE brand names to manufacturers like Formovie, there was no shortage of high-quality contenders fighting to give consumers the best at-home cinema experience. Samsung and Hisense also teased at the world's first 8K Laser TVs- that's 4X times the resolution of the 4k standard.

In micro mobility, e-bikes dominated the Halls. RCA launched three new e-bikes and four new e-scooters. The diverse lineup is meant to suit every lifestyle- from everyday commuters to hardcore outdoor enthusiasts. Cyrusher took e-mobility to the seas with the reveal of their new electric surfboard. It's good for short distance travel over water and can go up to 40 miles per hour.

We also saw robots in all shapes and services- from cute social companion robot pups that help with Social Emotion Learnings to robots that help with daily household chores and make bubble tea. Everyone's favorite Cybertronian, Optimus Prime, also made an appearance.

With plenty of back yard helper robots that clean pools and mow lawns, we were most impressed with the Yarbo, which has interchangeable modules to make it a lawn mower, leaf, and snow blower all in one smart yard-bot.

Screens of All Sizes. Adding to the world's most sustainable PC portfolio, HP introduced their premium new Chromebook, the Dragonfly Pro Chromebook, with the world's first 8-megapixel laptop camera. Its professional grade portable style is perfect for creators, freelancers, and hybrid workers. Hisense revealed their smallest portable projector with a giant 150inch image size. Lenovo debuted their dual-screen laptop, the Yoga Book 9i, dubbed as the first full sized OLED dual screen laptop. Slim and lightweight, it takes efficiency to the next level.

More Wireless devices. From wireless wearables to charging stations, this year we also had wireless televisions- and not just any television- the world's largest OLED TV by LG at 97'' is now free of messy cords. It's also important to note that wireless wearables are not just for entertainment. New and improved digital health tracking devices were showcased. The first of its kind was a wearable hydration monitor by Epicore Biosystems that tracks sweat and body temperature and alerts the wearer when it's time to hydrate. Since the FDA cleared the way to make hearing aids available over the counter, we saw many top brands in the CE space like SONY and JLabs come out with customized and affordable options in the OTC hearing aid category.

Food Tech. Yo Kai Express created a robot that can make ramen in under 90 seconds and has the footprint of a printer to conveniently fit on top of your desk. We also encountered a spoon that zaps your tongue with a mild electrical current to excite your taste buds and enhance the taste of the food.

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