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Celebrating LMCA's 36th Anniversary - Another Year of Exciting Milestones!

This week LMCA is proud to be celebrating our 36th anniversary as a leading global brand extension agency! For over three decades, we have been dedicated to building licensing partnerships that add value for our clients. We are proud to have planned and managed brand licensing programs across a wide range of industries and markets, creating meaningful brand products and experiences for consumers and building long-lasting partnerships on behalf of our clients.

''Over three decades ago, LMCA set off with the goal to transform the way brands deliver products and experiences to consumers. Today, we continue to honor our commitment to support our clients' brand strategies and marketing efforts through licensing, and there is nothing more fulfilling than to know that we meet and exceed our goals and continue to grow as an agency, year after year,'' commented Allan Feldman, LMCA's Founder and Executive Chairman.

''This year was a special one,'' said Ciarán Coyle, President and CEO of LMCA. ''It's not every year that you get to open offices in two new continents and successfully expand operations to over ten different countries. We are thrilled about the milestones achieved this year and the continued commitment to helping our clients strategically grow their brands, one relationship at a time. This is just the beginning, and we can't wait to see what year 37 will bring!''

We want to thank our clients, industry colleagues, and partners for trusting in our work and growing with us along the way.

Here's to 36 more years!

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