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Doheny Bikes and HOBIE Partner to Create Innovative Line of Electric Bikes

New York—June 26, 2023— Doheny Bikes, a leading manufacturer of high-quality electric bikes and accessories based in Dana Point, California, and HOBIE, a global leader in kayaks, pedalboards, and other watercraft, today announced a partnership to create an innovative line of Hobie e-bikes.

The new Hobie e-bikes will be designed to meet the growing needs of outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a fun, easy, and environmentally friendly way to get around and ultimately extend their adventures outdoors. The bikes will feature a variety of features that make them ideal for superior recreational transport, including:

· Powerful electric motors that provide up to 90 miles of range;

· Durable frames and components that withstand the outdoor elements and quality engineered power;

· Comfortable seats and agile handing that make for a smooth, easy ride no matter the adventure;

· A variety of accessories, including cargo racks and trailers specifically designed to hold Hobie Fishing and Kayak gear.

“Hobie is a brand I grew up with, and we are excited to partner with them to create a line of innovative e-bikes that are perfect for their customers,” said Doheny Bikes CEO, Jason Spates. “Hobie embodies a coastal lifestyle of endless surf, sand and sail and the collaboration between Hobie and Doheny taps into that nostalgia to offer a product that furthers Hobie into outdoor recreation and mobility products. We are excited to develop a collaborative product line that brings outdoor activities from the water to the land and brings people together in their adventures.”

Mike Suzuki, CEO of Hobie, comments: “we are thrilled to partner with Doheny for this inventive line of Hobie e-bikes. Doheny’s expertise in creating state-of-the-art e-bikes tailored to the needs of consumers offers Hobie customers a new recreational experience that is both fun and functional. The new line of Hobie e-bikes will offer an affordable, eco-friendly solution for kayakers, surfers and outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for an easy way to get from their destinations to the water and beyond.”

The new Hobie-branded e-bikes will be available for purchase mid 2023. This partnership was brokered by global brand licensing agency LMCA.

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