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An Exciting Week of New Deals & Developments from the LMCA Latin America Team!

LMCA's MD, Latin America, Ximena Duque, spent the last week in Brazil together with the country's Senior Director, Brand Development, Martha Colpaert. The two travelled around the country meeting potential licensees & prospective clients, finalizing new deals and strategizing our 2023 road map!

First up was meetings on behalf of our client Castrol, for which Ximena and Martha visited a prospective partner in the automotive products space. As part of LMCA's due diligence, our team toured the manufacturing facilities and discussed logistics, marketing and distribution specifics for key licensed products. It was great to meet with and visit the production facilities of the partner and learn more about their plan for working with Castrol. More on this to come soon...

Translation: ''Castrol, elected the most memorable and

trustworthy brand by Brazilian mechanics in 2022!

Ximena and Martha also had extensive meetings with the Castrol Brazil team, in which priorities for licensing were discussed, and ways to collaborate and create synergies for the brand were planned, with a strong focus on 2023.

Next up, Ximena and Martha visited with partners of our brand client HP. Due to the great demand in the region for Compaq, a consumer electronics brand in HP’s portfolio, we are exploring strong, high growth opportunities for Compaq in Brazil, and met with prospective partners to explore ways of furthering relationships and building on extension opportunities with the Compaq brand in Brazil.

Lastly, Ximena and Martha headed over to Curitiba, a city in the southern Brazilian state of Parana, where a meeting with our newest prospective client in the LatAm region took place! According to Ximena, ''it was an extraordinary meeting where the prime focus of the program was explained to us, and we analyzed the priorities by country and brand as part of developing the licensing strategy for the region.'' Martha added that they also visited the client's manufacturers in Curitiba, saying that ''the idea is to possibly expand their product line through brand extension and achieve greater distribution and volume.''

The focus of the week was not just finding potential licensees, it was also about strengthening our relationship with our clients. Brazil has many opportunities, and this week was important to establish the foundation for our brands' extension programs to set up strong results in 2023. All in all, it was a busy week of building exciting new deals and partnerships on behalf of our brand clients in the LatAm region! We are excited to continue to strive for what we do best; growing our brands through strategic brand extension strategies, one relationship at a time.

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