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Our Strategy First Approach

Every successful brand has unique equities relevant to consumers that are foundational to a meaningful brand licensing program.  At LMCA, we focus on brand strategy first - identifying your key goals and developing a unique brand licensing strategy that aligns in purpose and taps into the core equities of your brand.


From extending global reach to reinforcing brand messaging to introducing your brand to new consumers with exciting, supportive products, we help craft a go-to licensing strategy that facilitates tactical results.

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Best for you

As your brand extension licensing agency, we identify top-tier manufacturing partners with expertise in their industries and screen them to ensure they have the capabilities, relationships and quality standards that are synonymous with your brand reputation.


Paramount to relationship building is an assessment that every partner is a culture fit with your brand. Above all, we strive to bring together the right partners for you that align in purpose, vision, and philosophy.


Shaping Long-lasting

We engage with our brand clients to build licensing deals that drive meaningful growth for the long term. Some of the licensed product deals we negotiated 30 years ago are still in market today - adding value and revenue to our clients' brand strategies.

Long lasting means strong client relationships built on communication, transparency, management and continual growth.

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Key to our success is our people.

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