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Creating New Touchpoints with Consumers


In the extremely competitive fabric softener category, Snuggle® wanted to boost its top-of-mind awareness, create new touchpoints with consumers, and increase marketing efforts for the brand.


Through research, LMCA discovered the high level of consumer affinity for the Snuggle® brand imagery and its core values of softness and fragrance. LMCA identified licensees that would bring the brand into new channels, incorporate its core values, and substantially increase consumer impressions.

LMCA signed Snuggle licensees for pillows, mattresses, home bedding, and towels to support the softness imagery. An air freshener license with full national distribution and high velocity sales supported the fragrance feature, bringing Snuggle into a different aisle at stores and new stores altogether, exposed the brand to new consumers with new products that reinforced the brand's core equities and marketing efforts.

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