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The QWatch Series - Compaq Unveils New Line of Smartwatches in India

(New York – May 16th, 2023) Compaq has announced the new QWatch series in India, Compaq’s first ever line of high-performance smartwatches. The new Compaq QWatches feature high-definition displays, wireless charging, blood oxygen measuring, heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth calling, 50+ exercise modes, and a water-resistant design.

For over 30 years, the Compaq brand has been known for innovative and uniquely designed products. Throughout its history, Compaq has been a leading technology brand and one of the most valuable global brands.

‘’We are thrilled to see this collaboration come to life after many months in development,’’ said Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Chairman of Delhi-based tech company Ossify Industries Pvt limited, Compaq’s licensee for the QWatches. '‘Consumers will appreciate and love the top-line features and beautiful designs of the Compaq QWatches, available from Amazon and Flipkart, at mainstream prices.’’

The QWatch comes in 5 different colors, with both square and round designs. All QWatches are equipped with a thin, 9H hardness glass face that offers exceptional durability and scratch resistance.

The innovative line features three different series: X-Breed, Dimension, and Balance. The X-Breed series is a premium offering, packed with the latest technology. The Dimension series, geared towards a younger user, is designed to appeal to their needs and lifestyles. The Balance series, on the other hand, meets the aspirations of a wide range of users, offering a comprehensive set of features with a few bonus capabilities.

Ray Uhlir, SVP, Chief Licensing Officer at LMCA, Compaq’s global brand licensing agency, remarked that ‘’this impressive product line is yet another testament to the success of the partnership between Compaq and Ossify. We are very pleased with the expanded capabilities and sleek designs of their new products, which build on the rapidly growing Compaq SmartTV business.’’

About LMCA

LMCA is a global brand extension agency dedicated to building transformative licensing partnerships that add value, create revenue, and support our clients’ overall strategy and purpose. For over 35 years, we have planned and managed brand licensing programs across a wide range of industries and markets, creating relevant and meaningful brand products and experiences that deliver impactful results. For more information on licensing the Compaq brand, visit us at

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