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Experienced in Brand Licensing
and in Business

LMCA is the only firm in the world specialized exclusively in strategic brand extension licensing. In 1985, we pioneered the business of strategic brand extension licensing and ever since, we have stayed focused on what we do best. We know the ins and outs of strategic brand extension licensing, yet we also recognize the bottom-line demands of business.

Our principals are senior business development professionals from Fortune 500 and multinational firms. We understand the issues you face, and we know how to make brand licensing succeed, both strategically and tactically.
Executive Management Team
Allan Feldman, CEO
Alan Kravetz, President & COO

Licensing Group
Philip Raia, Senior Vice President
Joe Mc Graw, Managing Director
Hal Worsham, Managing Director, Brand Licensing
Ray Uhlir, Managing Director, Brand Licensing
Ted Curtin, Chief Marketing Officer
George Williams, Managing Director, LMCA Asia
Simon Wang, LMCA Asia
Jane Ma, Asst. Mgr, Brand Licensing, LMCA Asia
Margie Smith, Administration & Systems
Tina Wang, Consultant
Don Davis, Financial Controller

Consulting Services/Prodigy Works
David Wynett, Managing Director
Anne Lloyd, Project & Administrative Services
156 West 56th Street | Suite 703 | New York, New York 10019 | (212) 265-7474
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